Real World
Same environment, different time. Because she can live someone's memory, that means she can travel through time. We can see the same environment in the real world but at different times. And even how the peoples in that time behaves, are different. And she also uses the power of time when trying to help people erasing their regret. She can turn back that moment over, and over again until she changes something major. But if she does, she can't go back anymore, whether it is a good or bad result. That part of the game is unforgiving.
2018 World
2025 World
Memory World
A memory world is the surreal aspect of the game, it's a world generated in someone's mind, which the appearance portrays the core things that makes that someone a human. And it's the bridge for Fel to go to someone's memory in the real world, and live it at that time. Her journey in this world combines the most real aspect of a person, and the most surreal aspect that person as well.
Memory World