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  • Please don't forget to say SPOILER ALERT at the beginning of the review in your media. Because this game is story-based, if you tell the story that happened in this game (especially if you show the gameplay), it may alter the experience of players who have not played and just know this game from your media. We want all our game players to experience the full experience in this game, even though it is still in the prototype stage.
  • If you want to recommend your players/viewers to try this game, we appreciate it if it can be done at the beginning of the review. So that players don't get spoilers when they first find out about this game through your media.
  • Please mention that this game is still in the Prototype stage, so a lot can change at full release later, and we are very open to suggestions.
Project Description

A journey with Fel, a spirit with no memory who somehow remains on the human world and ended up has supernatural power. She can live the regret of a person in the past, and change it. All to find the cause of her "death" walking towards the unknown journey, learning things about herself, and others along the way.

Project Undying Flower is a story-based game where players have total control over the story. How the story goes, how it ends, it's up to players actions along the way, delivered in a beautiful 3D cinematics and a compelling narrative. It’s a game where you can see a very human situation from a different perspective, using the real aspect of the world, and a surreal imaginary aspect to describe a person. And see every side of the story that you can possibly see

About Calcatz

Calcatz is a video game and multimedia company based in Surabaya, Indonesia. Founded in March 2019 by seven talented founders who have a big vision in game development. We're currently developing a game called "Undying Flower".

Undying Flower Features
  • Multiple Ending Stories
  • Travel the world in a different timeline (Time Travel)
  • Unique imaginary worlds inside a character's mind (Memory World)
  • Interactable abstract creatures that portray each and every main character (Immagi)
  • Deep and relatable stories about love and regret
  • Choice-based gameplay mechanics
  • Different types of character development along the way
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Key Arts

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Music is an important part of Undying Flower. Because with music we can tell stories more deeply.

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Monetization Permission

Calcatz (PT Arima Dedikasi Kreatif) allows for the contents of Undying Flower found at https://www.undyingflower.com/presskit.html to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Undying Flower found at https://www.undyingflower.com/presskit.html is legally & explicitly allowed by Calcatz (PT Arima Dedikasi Kreatif). This permission can be found in writing at https://www.undyingflower.com/presskit.html

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