Director's Message
This is the story, about how I see humans, how shallow we are, and how deep we can be... how fragile we are, and how strong we can be... It's how I learn to love myself, and love others... How relationship goes, what kinds of love there are in this world... and regrets... all of us have some regrets in our lives, it's inevitable, sometimes it makes who you are, but it's not your identity.

Project Undying Flower is a human-based story. It's a story about human relationships, many kinds of love, regret, how cruel the world can be, and how everything on the surface of a person's story may look simple, but it is not exactly what we think it is. The narrative game concept of Undying Flower designed to help the player feel more involved and more immersed in the game because what you do as a player will shape Fel as a character.

I want to make a game where you can see a very human situation from a different perspective, using the real aspect of the world, and a surreal imaginary aspect to describe a person. And see every side of the story that you can possibly see. So you can understand the story of a person thoroughly, and then if you can and need to, do something about it. All with a compelling storyline through Fel.

It's my way to convey a message for people to be open and more understanding of each other. To not immediately judge people based on one thing, because if you see it from their perspective, or even any other perspective, it might not be true. And how good communications, can change everything. To feel loved, in various forms.